Beacon Tap Catering Menu

Stuffed Jalapenos
(25 or 50)

Stuffed Jalapenos $37 /$65


Wings $35/$65
Smoked Wings $40/$75
(Naked, Mild, Hot, Kansas City, Bourbon Molasses, Carolina)
Dressing and Veggies Served on Side

Half Gallon/ Gallon
(Cheddar Cheese, Scallions, Sour Cream)
Beans available upon request

(18 or 36 Sandwiches)
Pulled Pork Sliders $25/$45
Brisket Sliders $40/$75
(All Sliders Served with Bread and Sauces)

Italian Beef
5Ibs $70
Served with Sweet and Hot Peppers, Bread and Au Jus

(Half Pan Serves 8-l0ppl/Full Serves 15-18)

Italian Deli $25/$45
Prosciutto smoked provolone crown, imported meats and cheeses, romaine lettuce, olives, pickled Italian veggies, red wine vinaigrette

Southwest Salad $25/$45
Black beans, corn, southwest dressing, country fried steak

House Salad $25/$35

Greek Salad $25/$40
Romaine, cucumbers, carrots, olives, tomatoes, radishes, red onions, feta cheese, parmesan, croutons, hummus smear, red wine vinaigrette

Caesar Salad $25/$40
Romaine, house made Caesar, parmesan, crisp garlicky crouton
Dressings Served on the Side

(Half Pan Serves 8-10 ppl/Full Serves 15-18)

Mac and Cheese $22/$40
Loaded Mac and Cheese $25/$45
Fries $18/$30
Cheese Curds $18/$30
Corn Bread $1 Each

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WARMING KITS – pan, rack, canned fuel – 5/ea
PLACE SETTINGS – plate, fork, knife, napkin 1.50/pp
BOTTLED WATER (16.9 OZ) – 1.50/ea
CANS OF SODA – coke, sprite, diet coke – 1/ea
ON-SITE SERVER STAFF – *Please Inquire
DELIVERY – based on size and location – *Please Inquire

*Pricing and availability subject to change without notice.